We Restore and Reproduce Antique Furnishings

In our carpentry workshop we design & build custom tables, cabinets, hutches and furniture that reflect the beauty of Early American Decor.

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     Many of our customers require custom made cabinets and/or furnishings to create the setting that they're looking for.  Working closely with  the customer, Cindy and her skilled crafts people measure, design and build/modify new or existing pieces to fit the available space, much like an architect would.

    Every antique piece of furniture that comes into Americana Workshop takes a trip through our woodshop to make sure that it is sound, functional and finished properly.   Pieces are  cleaned, and, if necessary, rebuilt and refinished, to ensure a lasting beauty and function.  More often than not we use a traditional Milk Finish followed by a coating of our Briwax which gives our pieces their beautiful antique finish.

    The workshop welcomes you to bring down a picture, drawing, design, or simply an idea of what you have in mind for that perfect piece. The Americana team will help you the rest of the way.  Have no ideas where to begin?  That’s okay . . . . . we offer in home consultation to help you analyze and measure the space, and create a piece that fits all of your needs.

Feel free to call or e-mail any time to make an appointment or inquire about the custom design process.
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